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About Us

Nihao School is a multilingual program for newborns starting at 3 months to 5 years old. The School is a fully licensed home-based facility on Bahia Street in San Mateo. With a splendid view, natural sunlight, and a popular kids-friendly Los Prados Park within walking distance, the facility is a gem in the neighborhood. Our staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, and receives continuous trainings. We develop our curriculum by incorporating age-appropriate play-based activities, personalized child development plans, and weekly healthy food play lessons. Our daily sing-and-groove time enhances child's curiosity about music and sounds and develop their body awareness, spatial awareness, and social interaction skills. This is your child's first step to the real world!

Program Highlight


Play School students are part of the bigger i‑Immersion network where families are connected with local organizations that share our mission to connect the world through language learning and cultural exchange.


Music and the arts are incorporated in daily activities to enhance children’s natural abilities.  Our daily music time physically develops children’s left-brain to make it easier to processing new language on the young minds.

Life Skills

Life skills are valuable lessons children will use throughout their lifetime.  At Play School, students learn how to handle real-world situations in areas such as decision making, health and hygiene, time management, cleaning and getting ready.


Technologies in our classroom are used to enhance curriculum and experiences for children.  Nothing replaces real-life experiences with real people, so a well-planned, guided lesson and age-appropriate timing help children handle technology in a responsible way at a young age.

Recognition & Affiliations

Childcare education is a serious business and we’re honored to have earned trust from the local communities to continue this rewarding work.  We are also a proud winner of the SmartKidz award by the Childcare Coordinating Council for maintaining model childcare facility.

Physical Fitness

Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.  Daily fitness activities at the Play School build strong bones and muscles and help children maintain a healthy weight at a young age.  Balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility are also part of the development milestones.

Social-Emotional Development

Young children experience, express, and perceive emotions before they fully understand them.  Play School’s nurturing environment and familiar group of peers and teachers help children become competent in negotiating increasingly complex social interactions, to participate effectively in relationships and group activities, and to reap the benefits of social support crucial to healthy human development and functioning.


Play School designs an eating plan that consists of healthy ingredients, such as lean meats, poultry, eggs, whole grains, whole wheat and cereals, fresh fruits, and a variety of vegetables.  A weekly lesson that introduces a healthy food item allows children to play and taste it.  This will make it much easier for parents to add new ingredients to their daily meals.

Class Description

Ladybug Group


Butterfly Group


Owl Group


Our Infant class is designed for children 3 to 12 months old. A low child-to-caregiver ratio ensures that each child receives personalized care throughout the day with a schedule that works best for him/her. The Infant Room is designed to reflect a warm environment that encourages infant development. Children can explore sensory materials, play with books, blocks and other manipulative toys. They are also encouraged to discover their environment through walking, crawling, and pulling-up. Each morning, the Infant Class will enjoy music-and-groove time with the Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Our Butterfly Class is designed for children 13 months to 3 years old. Children in this class will continue to develop their social/emotional, language/communication, cognitive, and physical development. Our individualized learning plan targets learning opportunities for each child. These objectives can be as simple as ``learning how to play in a group`` to a more advanced one such as ``turning a door handle``. Daily lessons surrounding life skills promote responsibilities and maturity at a young age. We want to build in each child the self-esteem and confidence that allows him/her to grow at his/her own pace.

Our Owl Class is designed for children 3.1 years to entering Kindergarten. Through a wide range of activities, children gain confidence as they become active learners that are adaptive to a collaborative group experience. This is a critical period for language acquisition and a great time for bilingual environment. Graduates from the owl class will be equipped with the following 9 essential readiness skills to be successful in Kindergarten- shapes and colors, cutting, writing, letter recognition, number recognition and counting, sounding out letters, reading readiness, following directions and paying attention, and social skills.

Our Curriculum

Life Skill Lessons

Ladybug Group

  • Little by Little- To help baby learn to sit up by him or herself
  • Inside the Dish- To develop fine motor skills and the perception of textures
  • New Shapes- To develop the ability to grab objects of different shapes and sizes

Butterfly Group

  • Pull the Rope- To teach your baby to reach an object by pulling on a rope
  • So Many Steps!- To practice the action of going up and down stairs
  • Frozen Paint- To work on fine motor skills by drawing and scribbling

Owl Group

  • Drawing Snails- To strengthen your child’s hand muscles and stimulate his/her scribbling abilities
  • Like an Elephant- To enhance your child’s balance by strengthening your child’s upper and lower body muscles
  • Necklace and Belts Time- To strengthen your child’s hand muscles, stimulating his/her finger dexterity

Ladybug Group

  • Whisper- To distinguish between out loud and conversations and whispers
  • Perfect Pitch- To reinforce the distinction between high and low pitches
  • The Order of Things- To develop your baby’s notion of sequence

Butterfly Group

  • The Key- To teach baby how to use a key
  • Aluminum Foil- To learn to rip and wrinkle materials
  • The Orchestra- To learn to play musical instruments

Owl Group

  • Getting to Know the Color Red- To identify colors
  • Pretending We’re Painters- To know the community helpers
  • The Functions of Objects- To understand the different functions of objects

Ladybug Group

  • Which One is Yours?- To stimulate your baby’s self-recognition
  • That is Called…- To increase your baby’s vocabulary
  • Singing- To familiarize your baby with the different characteristics of sound

Butterfly Group

  • Mmm, Delicious!- To reinforce the correct pronunciation of phonemes
  • Animal Sounds- To continue your baby’s language development
  • Christmas Story- To stimulate the acquisition of new words and the pronunciation of phonemes

Owl Group

  • What Instrument is Playing?- To stimulate your child’s symbolic capacity
  • Such Beautiful Plants!- To reinforce verbal expression by describing objects
  • Articles of Clothing- To reinforce verbal expression by describing everyday objects

Ladybug Group

  • Where’s the Baby?- To stimulate your baby’s recognition of himself/herself
  • It’s Me!- To reinforce your baby’s perception of himself/herself as a whole
  • Imitate My Gestures- To stimulate your baby’s learning through imitation

Butterfly Group

  • The Rules of the Game- To establish rules and habits of play
  • Go Get Your Toy!- To practice following instructions
  • My Favorite Fruits- To develop eating adaptability

Owl Group

  • The Rules of the Game- To establish rules and habits of play
  • Go Get Your Toy!- To practice following instructions
  • My Spoon- To reinforce the adequate use of eating utensils

Personalized Reading List

Veggie Day

Let’s cook a veggie-friendly recipe!

Fall Is Here

Who do leaves change colors in the fall?

Smile Day

What makes you smile?

Happy Teacher's Day!

Tell your teacher what you appreciate about them.

Protect Our Planet

Read about 3 extinct or endangered animals.

Healthy Food Play

Mashed Potato Ghost


Potatoes & Peas

Patriot Toast

4th of July

Toast, Jam, Bananas, Blueberries

Chick Nest

Easter Day

Pineapple, Pretzels, Cereal, Carrots

Christmas Tree


Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Pretzels

Daily Routine

7:30am School Opens

10:00am Music & Groove

10:30am Outdoor Play / Guided Mission

11:45am Nutritious Lunch

12:45pm Nap & Quiet Time

3:15pm Outdoor Play & Guided Mission

4:00pm Nutritious Snack

4:30pm Choice Play

6:30pm School Closes

Our schedule is very flexible and is adjusted according to the children’s needs and interest.  The number one goal is learning and not feeling rushed.

School Holidays

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King Day

President's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Break (Thu & Fri)

**Winter Break

**Our school is closed the last 2 weeks of December.

Admission Process

We warmly welcome new families on a rolling admissions basis.

Schedule Site Visit

Get a walk-through of the facility and information about our school’s practices and philosophy.

Register Your Child

Complete an application packet to be considered for admission.  A deposit must be received at the time of registration. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Submit Documents

Once enrollment is confirmed by our office, you will need to return all documents prior to your child’s first day of school. We are regulated by California Community Care Licensing and regulations state that children cannot be fully confirmed, nor are they permitted to attend until the completed package has been received and processed.

Why Parents Rave About Us!

There are many options when it comes to choosing a childcare provider for your children. Our Play School program is a collection of in-home childcare schools that provide personalized care for a smaller number of children in a home-like setting.

Low Child-to-Staff Ratio

The class size is small, ranging from 2 to 6 children per group. Compare that to a daycare setting where sizes may be larger, our Play School is a preferred option among families with children younger than 3 years-old.

Low Child Turover

Whereas children may come and go at commercial daycare, we tend to keep the same children from birth until they are ready for school. This allows our staff to create a loving bond with the child and participate in all the early stages of the child’s growth.

Children Feel Right at Home!

We understand that daycare facilities can sometimes appear to look too institutional for young children, that’s why we design age-appropriate routine and limit the number of children they watch in any particular age group to provide a better balance of care.

We Raise Your Child as a Team!

Parents get to know the staff personally and develop strong relationships to successfully raise a child. Issues such as food choices, potty training, behaviors, socialization, and early education can be resolved through this mutually beneficial partnership.

Schedule a site visit to see what we’re all about!