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Nihao Philosophy


To connect the world through language and culture.


Globalize Your Neighborhood

I-Immersion believes that every community should have access to an immersion program, and we provide a variety of program models to achieve this goal, one city at a time. Within our micro-communities, learners build their cultural experience together, adding a unique cultural identity to their neighborhood.


Every community should have access to an immersion program.


Be the Change We Seek In the World

As the first B-Corp certified language company in California, I-Immersion is committed to meeting social sustainability, environmental performance, and accountability standards. Our pledge is reflected across our services and products. We believe in “doing business for good.”

Founding Year

The company was founded in 2008.

Community Presence

We have footprints in over 20 neighborhoods.

City Recreation Programs

A trusted partner with over 10 government agencies.

Family Engagement

We have inspired over 800 families to appreciate language and culture.


Professional Development

Proudly partnered with over 60 educators and care staff to deliver high-quality programs.

Let's Keep Going!

The sky is the limit. Bring on the challenge!