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Learn Spanish this Winter at Buri Buri Elementary!

i-Immersion is excited to offer our Spanish pilot class catering to Grades 1-5 at Buri Buri Elementary in South San Francisco. With the generous support from the PTA, the first session will start in February and Mandarin will follow as a second foreign language option. Your participation is critical to growing this program. Although registration is accepted on a rolling basis, it is first come, first served with limited seating of up to 15 students per class. A minimum enrollment of 8 students needs to be met or the class may be cancelled.

Class Description: This class begins our journey of a new language discovery through storytelling, songs & dance, and arts & crafts. By incorporating up to 400 words and sentences throughout the school year, students will develop their listening acumen, acquire basic conversation skill, and recognize words and sentences. There is no pre-requisite, so all levels are welcome! ***Students currently enrolled in an after-school program at Buri Buri must fill out and return the after school program’s permission form prior to the first day of class.
Date: Feb 21 – May 23 (13 meetings)
Time: Thu 2:45-3:45pm
Room: Library
Fees: $299 + $25 learning kit

Teaching Methodology & Curriculum

We strive to integrate best practices and proven instructional methods in teaching second languages. Below are some of our key approaches that make up the i-Immersion Method.

Teaching Methods

Exploring & Discovery Approach (EDA)

helps students acquire foreign language in natural and age-appropriate ways

Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS)

integrates gestures and creative embellishment of stories to engage students

Multiple Intelligences

exposes students to content in diverse ways to suit individual learning styles

Diverse Activities

Game Time

Arts & Crafts Time

Movie Time

Drama Play Time

Reading & Review Time

Cooking Time

Music & Dance Time

Field Trip Time

Enriching Elements

Movement-based activities

Team-based missions

Impromptu Role-Play

Large-scale Projects

Culturally-rich Celebrations

Culinary Events

Real-scenario Practice

Community Service


STEPS TO COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION: (1) Agree to the class policies & guidelines, (2) Submit the registration Form, (3) Complete your payment.

Please put in the form of mm/dd/year
I have read and agreed to the Class Policies & Guidelines.
Please put in the form of mm/dd/year


Payment & Registration

All students must complete a registration form and full payments must be received before your registration is confirmed.

Online payment: once a space is confirmed, you will receive an invoice by email and the option to pay online.

Cancellation & Refund

A refund will ONLY be given if a class is cancelled. Refunds take two weeks to process and will be mailed to you. If a student withdraws from class no later than ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE CLASS BEGINNING he or she may receive a full refund, less the administrative fee of $12. No refund will be issued after the class begins.

Absences & Makeup Policy

Like most programs, we do not refund or give credit for classes missed during the semester, even if absences have been frequent.  However, at the discretion of the director, partial credit may be provided towards future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to illness or other unusual circumstances which can’t be controlled.

Timely Arrival

Please make every effort to arrive with a little time to get settled before your start time! The magic and excitement of the opening song “ritual” is very important to the immersion experience! Starting all together is really important for the cohesion of the class, as well as for the following class! If you are late, just come right in and join!


Safe and respectful behaviors are expected in and around the classes at all times. If there is an action or behavior that seems overly disrupting, distracting, or dangerous, the action or behavior will be communicated to the parent/guardian for a resolution by the next class. Our teachers will redirect these behaviors in a sensible and respectful way. If these actions and behaviors are not able to be redirected quickly, the parent/guardian is expected to remove their child from the session for a break, and no refund will be issued.

Food & Drink

Eating is not allowed in the classroom.  Snack or lunch breaks are held in the cafeteria, in the playground, or the school hallway.  Only classes with a specified “meal break” in our instructional schedule will be administered by the Staff.

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