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This week we learned the western breakfast vocabularies. 麦片(cereal ),松饼(muffin),面包圈(bagel),熏肉(bacon),鸡蛋(eggs),香肠(sausages),面包(bread),火腿(ham),果酱(jam),酸奶(yogurt),乳酪(cheese),牛奶(milk),果汁(juice),煎饼pancakes),和水果(fruits). I made a self-learning environment for them. Students draw pictures of the food on the whiteboard and their notebook, including the Chinese pinyin and words. After we learned the new vocabularies, and we made a

Mandarin teacher Aaron is instructing student read 12 Zodiacs which are 鼠mouse 牛ox 虎tiger 兔rabbit 龙dragon 蛇snake 马horse 羊goat 猴monkey鸡rooster 狗dog 猪pig. To help students learn them in a fun way, Aaron found a cute song named 《十二生肖歌》(Zodiac Song).  Now each student can sing it fluently without the teacher’s help.  These are students’