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Curriculum at Nihao School is a structured plan that outlines the educational and developmental goals for the children in our program. It provides a framework for the daily activities, routines, and learning experiences that support children's growth and development.



The infant class is designed for children ages 3 months to 12 months. Our classroom is an extension of the home, with each child on the schedule that works best for them.  Infants will explore sensory materials, blocks, and other manipulative toys through crawling, pulling-up, and walking.

Toddler with Wooden Toys


Toddlers continue to hone in on fundamental skills such as socializing with peers, navigating boundaries, sharing and taking turns, understanding rules and procedures, etc. Learning materials are selected to stimulate each child's curiosity for the world and their hunger for learning.

Boy in Art Class


This is our "bridge" program for children on an education plan to a larger preschool setting.  In addition to curriculum designed from the California Preschool Learning Foundations, children in this class will achieve "potty learning".   readiness. 


Baby with Toys


Schedule and activities may be modified according to our children's needs and interests.  Infants will have a differently schedule to support their learning and development.

8:00am Program Starts / Choice Play

9:30am Snack Time

10:00am Circle Time

10:30am Diapering and Potty

11:00am Choice Play

11:30am Lunch / Outdoor Adventure

12:30pm Diapering and Potty

1:00pm Nap Time

3:00pm Diapering and Potty

3:30pm Snack Time

4:00pm Choice Play

5:00pm Outdoor Adventure

6:00pm Program Ends

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