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We Bring Language Classes To Your Community!

Whether you are looking to start a class or have an existing one that needs better learning outcome, we are experienced in every aspect of the program planning process to personalize a program to your community's needs. Our team has extensive experience in designing, teaching, and managing language programs of different sizes, demographics and financial needs. If you don't see a class in your community or a class time that works for you, come talk to us and let's make our language class an inclusive experience for all!

We Bridge the Gap

More Choices

We host multiple languages during school time or after school hours for our partners to serve the growing community.

Opportunity to Learn

We work with communities where kids don’t have equal access to a language program due to financial hardships or other constraints.

Lunch or Break-Hour Activities

While staff members take a break, we can plan activities to create “teachable moments“ that are educational and fun.

Program Overflow

Our licensure can add to the existing after school care capacity to save parents the trouble of having to arrange pick-up service.

Full-Service Operation

We design a comprehensive program that includes staffing, curriculum, outreach, assessment and the logistical details.

Be Competitive

Help your school stand out from the crowd as one that offers a variety of enriching activities.

Increase Student Test Scores

Did you know that language learning correlates with higher academic achievement on standardized test measures? Our program motivates students to become active learners and think critically.

Financially Scalable

We work with the school’s PTA, finance, or fundraising group to develop a scalable & financially-sustainable program.  Grants are especially useful for low-income community to offset some operating costs.

Typical Classes

Based on your school’s needs and availability, we can set up a class that runs smoothly within your existing program.

Scouts Class (45-90 min.)

This class immerses children in a new language through music, story, art, and play. Our enthusiastic native-speaking instructors introduce a number, a letter, a shape, and an animal every class. A fun flash card art project, which brings the four element together, allows the students to continue their learning at home. This is an independent participation class with no prior exposure to the language required.

Express Class (1-2 hrs. per week)

This class begins our journey of a new language discovery through storytelling, songs & dance, and arts & crafts. By incorporating up to 400 words and sentences throughout the school year, students will develop their listening acumen, acquire basic conversation skill, and recognize words and sentences. There is no pre-requisite, so all levels are welcome! A one-year commitment is strongly encouraged to promote optimal results.

Connect Class (3-5 hrs. per week)

This class introduces more complex words and sentences by incorporating role-play activities in the lessons. Students will develop a well-rounded approach to navigate in the foreign language environment with the added writing component. A basic understanding of the foreign language is recommended to participate fully in our Voyager track. An assessment may be needed prior to joining. A one-year commitment is strongly encouraged to promote optimal results.

Universe Class (6+ hrs. per week)

This class captures all aspects of language learning modalities and turns them into mission-focused activities. Students will assume challenging tasks that hone in on their critical thinking, communication, and team-building skills. Reading and writing will be incorporated in the activities to develop more well-rounded learning. First-time participants who did not attend or complete the Pioneers and Voyagers track may need to complete a language assessment prior to joining. A one-year commitment is strongly encouraged to promote optimal results.

Teaching Methodology & Curriculum

We strive to integrate best practices and proven instructional methods in teaching second languages.  Below are some of our key approaches that make up the i-Immersion Method.

Teaching Methods

Exploring & Discovery Approach (EDA)

helps students acquire foreign language in natural and age-appropriate ways

Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS)

integrates gestures and creative embellishment of stories to engage students

Multiple Intelligences

exposes students to content in diverse ways to suit individual learning styles

Diverse Activities

Game Time

Arts & Crafts Time

Movie Time

Drama Play Time

Reading & Review Time

Cooking Time

Music & Dance Time

Field Trip Time

Enriching Elements

Movement-based activities

Team-based missions

Impromptu Role-Play

Large-scale Projects

Culturally-rich Celebrations

Culinary Events

Real-scenario Practice

Community Service

Let’s set up a program in your community!