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iiSchool Inquiry Form

  /  iiSchool Inquiry Form

Fill out the form below to send an inquiry about iiSchool Program.

Program Setup Process

We want to set up a language class in every community. Fill out the form and let’s talk!

Complete the iiSchool Inquiry Form

To get started, we need to receive an inquiry form that outlines a general idea of a class or program you have in mind. The more detailed you are, the less back-and-forth it will take.

Schedule a call with the Program Office

Once your form is received, our Program Office will schedule a call with you in 1-2 business days to discuss your ideas and to answer any questions.

Research costs and requirements

To provide an estimate for the class fees and determine the minimum class size, we will need to speak to the school or the organization hosting this program. There may be classroom rental fees, insurance requirements, or other requests we need to fulfill before a class can be offered.

Design the program launch

Once the class details are confirmed, the Program Director and the Operations team will work with you to create the program materials, such as a unique registration page to collect enrollment, school flyers, email blasts, etc. to start marketing this class. An agreement with the Host will be signed to formalize the partnership.

Collect registration and let’s learn!