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3/15-3/18 Dr. Seuss Reading Challenge

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

This week, Nihao School read 4 books by Dr. Seuss as part of our “Dr. Seuss Reading Challenge!”.

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back This book is an entertaining sequel to the original, popular children’s tale about a mischievous cat who visits children while their parents are out, promising destruction and lots of mess! In this story, a boy is at home alone while his mother is out, and has been asked to shovel the driveway.

In the coming week, we are going to read the following books:

  1. Green Egss and Ham

  2. Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

  3. Seuss-ims!

  4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

We hope you’re enjoying reading Dr. Seuss’s books as much as we do!

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