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Advanced Spanish: Practicing Infinitive Verb

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Hola! During the last two weeks in the fall session we studied infinitive verbs (activities verbs). In Spanish, these are verbs that end in “ar”, “er”, “ir”.

Students practiced the study of verbs through mime game. The group was divided into two teams and one of the members of the first team did an activity, but without speaking only did actions and using facial expressions by the other group should guess and say that was done and write a list of verbs classifying each verb agree to its termination for example:

  • Los Verbos que terminan en “ar” (Verbs Ending in “ar”)

  • Cantar (sing)

  • Hablar (talk)

  • Saludar (greet)

  • Besar (kiss)

  • Saltar (jump)

  • Tocar (touch)

  • Escuchar (listen)

  • Llegar (arrive)

  • Verbos con terminacion en “er” (Verbs with termination in “er”)

  • Correr (run)

  • Leer (read)

  • Comer (eat)

  • Querer (want)

  • Verbos que terminan en “ir” (Verbs with termination in “ir”

  • Dormir (sleep)

  • Vivir (live)

  • Traducir (translate)

  • Ir (go)

Also we have been doing various art projects that have functioned as feedback on the use and practice of Spanish. The kids are challenged to understand and follow the instructions I gave completely in Spanish.

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