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All About Insects!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This week we start with insect discoveries! Insects are everywhere- in backyards, balconies, the park down the street... we see them especially active in the summer month of August! Our little friends enjoy scavenger hunts where they look for insects in our backyard, reading books about the insect world, and watching a video about the life cycle of insects. Little friends can call out insects by their names, respective body parts, and other fun characteristics. We hope our little friends will enjoy gathering some insects this weekend with friends and family!

The Stunning Life Cycle Of A Ladybug

How A Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly


Nihao School has a book club with Scholastic that recommends nice story books with colorful illustrations!

Give Bees A Chance- Cartoon-style art and a tongue-in-cheek narrator show kids that bees may seem scary sometimes but they really are our friends!

Ross Burach 2-pack- In these two appealing books, patience and resilience are demonstrated by colorful friends!

I'm Trying To Love A Spider- These amazing spider facts and funny illustrations will help children replace their fears with laughter…and pure wonder!

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