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All About Peru (and conjugations)

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The past two weeks we have been continuing our practice of -AR and -ER verb conjugations. How did we make something potentially boring into something fun and interesting, you might ask? We tried a variety of games! One was to have the class divided into separate teams. On the board was the list of subject pronouns:

  1. Yo– I

  2. Tu- you

  3. El- He

  4. Ella- She

  5. Usted– You (formal)

  6. Nosotros– We (group of boys, or group of girls and boys)

  7. Nosotras– We (group of girls only)

  8. Ellos– They (group of boys, or group of girls and boys)

  9. Ellas– They(group of girls only)

  10. Ustedes– You (Plural)

A player of each team had to write one conjugation of a AR verb then run back and tag their teammate who then did the same.

We also played an obstacle course outside where they would have to run and jump over cones to get to a card which had a verb and I asked them to conjugate. It was a nice way to enjoy both the glorious weather and learning while playing.

Besides verbs, we have been learning about Peru and other culture in South America. This is really one of my most favorite things to teach- cultural appreciation and understanding-and what a blessing it is to teach it to children! We have been reading a book on Peru that talks about the culture.

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