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Breakfast & Dumplings- Chinese Style!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Breakfast Words in Chinese

This week, we learned more vocabulary words related to Chinese breakfast.

  1. 烧饼 fried biscuit

  2. 油条 fried dough sticks

  3. 包子 steamed buns

  4. 馒头 steamed bread

  5. 饺子 dumpling

  6. 葱油饼 scallion pancake

  7. 稀饭 rice porridge

  8. 饭团 sticky rice rolls

  9. 面 noodle

  10. 豆浆 soybean milk

  11. 茶 tea

  12. 水 water

Students drew pictures and copied the words and pinyin from the whiteboard. Then we had a fun activity–making the dumplings ( 饺子). They put papers inside the dumplings instead of meat, and they wrote words for their parents.

Making dumplings

Maci is putting the paper into the dumpling. Look at Amanda and Kaikai, who is cuter?

Then, we also reviewed the bugs (昆虫)vocabularies for the Friday test. Each student colored one bug, they wrote that bug in Chinese three times.

We also learned one Chinese song ” 世上只有妈妈好 ” (mother is the best person in the world).

We also made the origami flowers on the card for Mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  To be a mother is the happiest thing.

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