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Chinese Zodiac Day at Hatch Elementary

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

New Vocabulary

  1. 鼠 mouse 

  2. 牛 ox 

  3. 虎 tiger 

  4. 兔 rabbit 

  5. 龙 dragon 

  6. 蛇 snake 

  7. 马 horse 

  8. 羊 goat 

  9. 猴 monkey

  10. 鸡 rooster 

  11. 狗 dog 

  12. 猪 pig

To help students learn them in a fun way, Aaron found a cute song named 《十二生肖歌》(The 12 Zodiac Song). Now each student can sing it fluently without the teacher’s help.

They also sang their favorite songs in Chinese:

  1. 一闪一闪亮晶晶》 (”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”),

  2. 头儿肩膀膝脚趾》(”Head Shoulder Knee and Toe”)

  3. 两只老虎》(Two Tigers)


  • 谢谢! Thank you!

  • 新年快乐!Happy Chinese New Year!

Students made artwork for the year of the dog and reviewed colors and shapes.
Year of the dog artwork

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