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Christmas Activity Ideas for Infants & Toddlers At Home -

Fingerprint Christmas Painting for Kids- It’s the time! Let’s get this fingerprinting started!

  • Place a blank canvas on kraft paper. Squirt a few small amounts of paint to the right of your canvas. Remember, you want to pick colors that go together if mixed.

  • Invite one child over at a time.

  • Show your child what the completed art project looks like.

  • Demonstrate how to make a painted light with your finger.

  • Allow your child to watch you make the light strand that they will be following.

  • Invite your child to begin picking colors and fingerprinting the lights!

  • Repeat the steps for each child.

  • Allow the painting to air dry.

  • Add a tag and wrap it up!

Christmas Tree Ball Sort Game- Your toddlers will adore this Christmas sorting game made out of cardboard, poster board, a yardstick, zip ties, construction paper, ball pit balls, and a basket.

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