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Learning "Course Subjects" in Mandarin

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Last week, students told me that they wanted to learn course subjects in Chinese (课程).

So, we learned the following vocabulary words:

  1. 中文 Chinese

  2. 数学 Math

  3. 英语 English

  4. 科学 Science

  5. 地理 Geography

  6. 音乐 Music

  7. 体育 PE

  8. 和美术 Art

We printed words and pinyin for each course subject, and students drew corresponding pictures to clarify their meanings. Then, we made bookmarks for their favoriate subjects.

Evelyn wanted P.E. Kirin and Nikita like to READ so they designed their bookmarks by themselves.

We also reviewed the Chinese breakfast vocabulary.

Students also played the word search game, but they have to translate the English to Chinese twice.

Lastly, we used the “hide and seek” game to review the previous words.


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