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Food Play Moments

Welcome to our Food Play Moments. Here we play with our food by making art with different foods. At the same time, we learn many different words in Chinese and English. So far, we have been playing with our food for two months! Here's some of our projects we've finished.



Today we decorated a banana as a sleeping baby! We learned that banana in Chinese is 香蕉 (xiang jiao). Sleep well, banana baby!



This week, we learned about trains, or 火车 (huo che). We used graham crackers and cucumbers to create the train. Did you know that 火 means fire in chinese and 车 means car, so the literally translation of 火车 is "fire car".



We used graham crackers again this week to make different kinds of ice cream. Ice cream in Chinese is 冰淇淋 (bing qi lin). We also used cheerios, tomatos, and blueberries to create the ice cream. It looks so good!



Here is our beautiful sun made out of toritalla and carrots. The Sun in Chinese is 太阳 (tai yang). Look, we even made a smile out of blueberries!



We are still learning about the Sun this week. This week, however, comes with a twist. We used tortillas again to make an elephant. Our sun is made using orange cherry tomatoes.



This week on Food Play we talked about caterpillars. With a mixture of grapes and cherry tomatoes, we were able to form the body of a caterpillar. We finished it off with a cracker for the head and some leaves for decorations. Did you know caterpillar in Chinese was 毛毛虫 (mao mao chong)?



Our food play for this week was about sail boats, or 帆船 (fan chuan). As you can see, we used tortillas and orange peels to make the sails and used cupcake liners to make the boat. If you look closely, you can see a cheerio as a life buoy!



To celebrate our final food play of this blog, we have a party cat! We have a cute little cat made out of tortiallas with a party hat! Party in Chinese is 派对 (par dui). This cat is ready to celebrate a wonderful two months we had playing with our food!

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