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Happy Chinese New Year from McKinley!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

(Please excuse the quality of the video. I was organizing students singing the song while videotaping)


These past two short weeks went by very fast! We are very excited to know increasing numbers of parents are reading our blog! 

Mandarin 1

“After reviewing a few popular topics that were covered last semester (Greetings, Numbers & Color) and Book 8 (Insects), we are now moving our adventure to the next stop, THE OCEAN (Sea Creatures). We did activities and artworks to enforce students’ knowledge of new vocabularies under this topic;

The following are a couple of pictures of art work on the topic of Sea Creatures and celebrating Chinese New Year.”

with my iPhone so it was a little bit shaky. Also, the video was compressed a couple of times to be able to be uploaded onto YouTube. )

Mandarin 2

We are appreciating Chinese culture during this special occasion of the Chinese New Year, which usually lasts at least 15 days in traditional Chinese culture. Students learned some basic words, a popular kid’s song and did quite a few interesting hand-craft and arts to celebrate this big event! The following are a few pictures of students’ arts work:

As for the textbook, we moved to a new lesson-Sea Creature and students are very excited about learning this topic. We will continue exploring new games, activities, arts and academic studying under this topic in the following week as well as continuing the celebration of Chinese New Year!

Spanish 1

“This week we have been going over things that can be seen in the park, the days of the week, and the weather. The students can recognize the weather and days of the week with pictures and drawings. They are also learning to spell out the vocabulary as well as reading the short books we have made in class. The following weeks we will continue to learn more about the weather as well as the things found in the city.”

Spanish 2

  1. We have been reviewing a great deal of material we have covered previously;

  2. We reviewed numbers between 1-100. This also was the test that we took today;

  3. We reviewed places to go and the verb structure that goes along with that;Yo voy a la…..

  4. Yo voy al …..

  5. If the place is feminine then the structure is “Yo voy a la clase.

  6. If the place is masculine then the structure is “Yo voy al bano.

  7. We also reviewed days of the weeks and the months of the year.”

Spanish 3

“Students’ pronunciation is improving so much and they surprise me every day!

Class did great on two quizzes. We had a smaller class this past week due to the practice for Chinese New Year Parade though the rest of the class keep the development of our ‘Spanish Play’. They also learned a Spanish Song named ‘Estaba la rana cantando debajo del agau’. Everyone is setting their ABC, vowels, days of the week and months of the year beautifully.’” Next week, our teachers will post new blogs individually. Please get ready to be impressed!

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