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Insect Discoveries

Insects are everywhere; in backyards, balconies, and the park down the street, especially in the summertime. Our little friends enjoy discovering the insect in our backyard, pictures books, and videos about the life cycle of insects. They will tell what are insect's character looks like for example, insect classification: two wings, head, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, ants, etc.

Playing & Learning

School Resources

Join Nihao School's Book Club and order the class book recommendations! Use the class code YHNTW to order your books!

I'm Trying To Love A Spider- These amazing spider facts and funny illustrations will help children replace their fears with laughter…and pure wonder!

Ross Burach 2-pack- In these two appealing books, patience and resilience is demonstrated by colorful friends!

Give Bees A Chance- Cartoon-style art and a tongue-in-cheek narrator show kids that bees may seem scary sometimes but they really are our friends!

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