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Playing Balls and Celebrating Valentine's

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In today's Mandarin class at McKinley Elementary, students practiced self-introduction:

  • 大家好 hello everyone

  • 我叫 my name is

  • 我__岁了 I am__years old

  • 我是男孩/女孩 I am a boy/girl

Each student got a chance to say each of the sentences in Mandarin before the class.

For Valentine’s Day, we made a 心形 (heart-shaped) dog. It is a fun activity for children to review animal and body parts-

  • 狗 dog

  • 心形 heart shape

  • 头 head

  • 耳朵 ears

  • 身体 body

  • 腿 leg

  • 尾巴 tail

For more hands-on play, the class dedicates 15 minutes each day playing soccer or football outside in the yard.

Sports in Mandarin

  1. 橄榄球 football

  2. 网球 tennis

  3. 足球 socker

  4. 乒乓球 ping-pong ball

  5. 冰球 hockey

  6. 篮球 basketball

  7. 棒球 baseball

Read it. Say it. Immerse it.

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