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Sensory Play

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Sensory play helps children use their senses as they explore their world. It is crucial for their brain development so teaching them these opportunities will definitely help them.

Sensory play activity can help or stimulates a children's senses of touch(摸), smell(聞), taste(品尝), sight(看), and hearing(听力), as well as anything which engages movement and balance.

For sensory play for infants/toddlers, we can provide children with a color mix, paint colors by hands or feet, draw a picture, touch an object of patterns, different shapes or sizes, and walk on the grass to let children can feel the grass and smell the grass. variety.

Playing & Learning

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School Resources

Join Nihao School's Book Club and order the class book recommendations!

My Busiest Book Ever! - Keep the youngest readers engaged with this interactive book full of fun touches to explore and singsong text. A fun way to give kids a head start on early learning while developing fine motor skills

Say Please, Little Monster! -Teach little monsters the three magic words—please, thanks, and sorry—with this playful board book featuring mischievous monsters inside and plush horns and fuzzy hair on the cover.

I'm Trying To Love A Spider- These amazing spider facts and funny illustrations will help children replace their fears with laughter…and pure wonder!

Ross Burach 2-pack- In these two appealing books, patience and resilience are demonstrated by colorful friends!

Give Bees A Chance- Cartoon-style art and a tongue-in-cheek narrator show kids that bees may seem scary sometimes but they really are our friends!

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