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Year of the Dragon MAHJONG!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Gong-Hay! Gong-Hay! Gong-Xi, Gong-Xi! (Happy New Year!)

Welcome to Year 2011! As a special tradition, I hosted a New Year dinner party on Saturday, January 21st. We went to a hotpot restaurant at the Little Sheep Mongolian Restaurant in downtown San Mateo and played Mahjong for lucky envelopes!

I created a cheat sheet to help each player immerse in the Chinese cultural games. Every player was expected to announce their tile before the next player could proceed. The process went slow in the beginning but towards the end, everyone started to pick up the speed! Ms. LeAnna was such as a great Mahjong player she beat everyone 3 times total- twice in a row! Wow… In the end she picked 2 red envelopes and earned CASH!

Hopefully next year we will be able to hold another dinner party at a club house so that more people can come to enjoy the pleasant evening!

Hot Word Of The Day:

English: Year of Dragon

Mandarin: 龙年 Lóng Nián

Spanish: Año del Dragón

Read It. Say It. Immerse It.

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