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Spanish B: La primavera ha llegado! Spring has arrived!

Greetings McKinley parents, Thank you for taking the time to log in and read about Spanish B. It was a pleasure to meet with most of you during parent/teacher conference and to discuss the progress of your child in Spanish […]

Spanish C: The Activities(infinitive verbs) April 23rd- May 3rd

Hola: Thanks for reading our blog and continue to learn about the activities we do in class. During the last two weeks we studied Activities verbs (infinitive verbs). In Spanish they are called infinitive verbs to the verbs that can end in “ar”, “er”, “ir”. Students practiced the study of verbs through mime game. The group was divided into two teams and one of the members […]

Mandarin A- Miss Huan: April 16th-26th, 2012 Good Habits and New Chinese Poem 《咏鹅》

This week we are learning the last chapter of a better Chinese book called 《我好棒》!(I am great!)We practiced these sentences for cultivating good habits in class and they have been really implemented them. Good habits List: 我会先举手,再说话。I will raise my […]

Mandarin A- Miss Huan: Chinese Poem From Li, Bai (April 2nd-12th, 2012 )

This week we reviewed 7 sentences we learned last week: colours, and number from 1-50. If you have time you can help your kids practice all the words. Here’s the words list for you: 1. Hello, Sorry, That’s OK, Thank […]

Spanish B-Teacher LeAnna: March 12-22, conjugations and Peru

  The past two weeks we have been continuing our practice of -AR and -ER verb conjugations. (Please look to previous blogs for the grammar lesson on -AR and -ER verb conjugations.) How did we make something potentially boring into […]

我喜欢滑滑梯,我会说中文。I Like To Play On The Slides And I Can Speak Chinese (March 12-23, 2012)

NIHAO!你好! 你好!Hello! 我叫……(My name is…) 我……岁了(I am …years old) 我是男孩/女孩(I am a boy or a girl) 我学中文(I am learning Chinese) During this week, we have learned how to use a sentence to introduce ourselves as the same time they can […]

Spanish B: new conjugations and parent teacher conference week!

Greetings! The past two weeks have been more adventures with conjugations! Woo-hoo conjugations- something that can easily become a boring grammar lesson become exciting and interesting to the mind our 1st and 2nd graders. Before parent-teacher conference, I gently introduced conjugations for […]

Mandarin A-Miss Huan: Let’s Play Balls Together. 我们去一起玩球 (February 27th – March 8th, 2012)

These past few weeks we learned some sports balls: 橄榄球 football 网球 tennis 足球 socker 乒乓球 ping-pong ball 冰球 hockey 篮球 basketball 棒球 baseball In our class, the first activity we do is “Welcome Time” when we discuss a topic and […]

Spanish B: Cumbia and Action verbs (and review, review, review)

Hello readers! Thank you for taking time to read this blog:) We have been working on action verbs, review of previous lessons disguised in card games, puppet theatre, and songs. Last week the i-Immersion staff was experimenting with a new […]

Happy Chinese New Year: How About Some Chinese Food?

Like Chinese Food? Like Panda Express? Here is a coupon for you and your friends! Sorry that one of them expired but if you use the middle one you can still get the fire cracker chicken as a third side […]