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Spanish B: La primavera ha llegado! Spring has arrived!

Thank you for taking the time to log in and read about Spanish B. It was a pleasure to meet with most of you during parent/teacher conference and to discuss the progress of your child in Spanish B. I hope that you found it useful and informative.

Spanish C: The Activities(infinitive verbs) April 23rd- May 3rd

Thanks for reading our blog and continue to learn about the activities we do in class. During the last two weeks we studied Activities verbs (infinitive verbs).

Mandarin A- Miss Huan: April 16th-26th, 2012 Good Habits and New Chinese Poem 《咏鹅》

This week we are learning the last chapter of a better Chinese book called 《我好棒》!(I am great!)We practiced these sentences for cultivating good habits in class and they have been really implemented them.

Mandarin A- Miss Huan: Chinese Poem From Li, Bai (April 2nd-12th, 2012 )

This week we reviewed 7 sentences we learned last week: colours, and number from 1-50. If you have time you can help your kids practice all the words.

Spanish B-Teacher LeAnna: March 12-22, conjugations and Peru

The past two weeks we have been continuing our practice of -AR and -ER verb conjugations. (Please look to previous blogs for the grammar lesson on -AR and -ER verb conjugations.)

我喜欢滑滑梯,我会说中文。I Like To Play On The Slides And I Can Speak Chinese (March 12-23, 2012)

Since we have learned how to say playing slides. Thus everyone should say 我喜欢玩滑滑梯 which means I like playing the slides before they can go out to play.