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A play-based early education program that builds on curiosity, self-confidence, and individuality.


Nihao School early education program started in 2005 as a family child care business built on love for children and language.  Our mission is to make early childhood education accessible to all children.  As we establish ourselves as one of the oldest early education programs in San Mateo specializing in immersion language education, we have evolved from a daycare program to a network of family child care providers committed to quality child care.

Providers of Nihao School foster the intellectual and physical growth of the child by providing a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment so that children can grow up healthy, do well in school, get along with peers, show respect and responsibility in order to succeed in life.

Nihao School child-friendly environment


At Nihao School, we believe that every child is a unique and capable individual. Our philosophy is centered on providing a warm and nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.


Tailored approach to meet the specific developmental milestones and learning styles of every child in our care.

Nihao School play-based lessons


  • Child-centered activities 

  • Safety and health 

  • Nurturing and responsive

  • Learning and development 

  • Family engagement

  • Play and creativity

  • Open Communication


People at Nihao School are often regarded as everyday heroes who contribute to the well-being and growth of the next generation, embodying the qualities and values of compassion, protectors, problem solvers, multitaskers, and positive role models.

Alice Kuo, Director of Nihao School

Alice Kuo, Program Director

Education: MBA/MA Education Leadership

With more than 15 years of expertise in early education, Alice has dedicated 8 years to teaching across diverse settings, from infants and toddlers classrooms to preschool enrichment classes and after-school programs.  Alice has transitioned into a new role as a certified life coach, specializing in parenting and child coaching. Her mission is to empower parents, offering them guidance and confidence as they navigate the complexities of building strong families and nurturing loving relationships with their children.

Anna Sienes, Office Manager of Nihao School

Anna Sienes, Office Manager

Education: BA Information Technology

Anna is a highly capable professional, showcasing her dedication to organizational excellence. With 8 years of experience in program office roles, Anna has consistently demonstrated her expertise in supporting various administrative functions. Beyond her administrative prowess, she possesses a warm and welcoming demeanor and harbors a deep love for children. Anna's extensive background in program management, administrative support, and her commitment to fostering parent engagement make her a valuable asset to everyone at Nihao School.

Helen Hung, Assistant Director of Nihao School

Helen Hung, Assistant Director

Education: BA Finance & Banking

A visionary founder of the Nihao School, Helen has cultivated extensive experience working with families and children from diverse backgrounds.  Her commitment to language education led her to teach Mandarin at various after-school programs in both public and private schools, enriching the lives of young learners. Helen is renowned for her culinary talents, delighting children with delicious and culturally enriching meals.

Vicki Hung, Lead Teacher of Nihao School

Vicki Hung, Lead Teacher

Education: BA Political Science

Vicki Hung is a beloved presence with a loving and warm personality that radiates in every role she undertakes.  Before joining Nihao, Vicki thrived as an after-school Mandarin teacher, where her passion for language education began to shine.  What truly sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to enriching children's lives by seamlessly integrating music, art, and dance into the classroom, creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment.

Banky P., Lead Teacher of Nihao School

Banky P., Lead Teacher

Education: BA Education

Banky is a passionate educator with a diverse and enriching background in teaching. His journey in the U.S. started as an au pair, and from there, he pursued further studies in early childhood education, ultimately earning a Master's Teacher Permit. With prior experience as a credentialed Kindergarten teacher in Thailand, Banky brings a wealth of international teaching knowledge to his work. Currently, he is dedicated to enhancing his expertise by completing his studies in Montessori Education.

Rongfei Chen, Lead Teacher of Nihao School

Rongfei Chen, Lead Teacher

Education: BA Nutrition Science

Rongfei's transition into the field of early education began as a teaching assistant at Nihao School.  Prior to her time in the U.S., she honed her culinary skills in both cooking and desserts in the hospitality industry.  Recognizing the profound impact she could make, Rongfei devoted her time to program management and teaching role at Nihao School. Her unique approach involves teaching children through a Social-Emotional lens, focusing on building a strong foundation in children's self-image and confidence.

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