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Develop new, modify existing, implement and maintain operational systems, processes
And best practices (bps) for I-immersions foreign language immersion programs for a
Range and variety of settings (I.E., school, online/virtual learning, after school
Programs and summer camps/schools, daycare/preschool, enrichment classes at adult
School, etc.)

  • gather data and determine what specific requirements/needs there are and modify existing implementation and operating plans, systems, etc.

  • to ensure specifications are met while adhering to local, state, national and health and safety standards; in accord to I-immersions policies, bps, budgets, etc.

  • stay abreast of local/state/national educational standards, health and safety standards, concerns, etc.

  • work closely with our in-house web specialist to design each clients website andn manage program development work through various business applications including salesforce, canva, wave, zendesk, wordpress, himama, trello, adp and Slack.

  • conduct long-term project planning for the engagement project, including setting timelines, deliverables, and contributing to strategic decision-making.

  • manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of each programs support services (hr, it and finance) through improvements to each function as well as coordinating and communicating between support and business functions. (the effectiveness of the pms work in this area will help scale the companys operation to grow our influence beyond the San Francisco bay area.)

  • plan the use of human resources (volunteer and contract), manage and participate in recruitment and placement of required staff and establish work schedules utilizing adp payroll and hr systems.

  • improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals; formulate and implement organizational strategies and objectives, policies, practices and procedures to maximize efficiency; and monitor adherence to rules, regulations and practices.

  • study business plan and organizations goals; meet with executive management to understand goals and objectives, changes to goals/objectives, understand needs, etc.

  • identify local and international resources, educational technologies, teaching and learning materials can be adopted for continuous improvements.

  • oversee overall financial management, planning, systems and controls, including p&l of each client in program portfolio; utilize wave (technology) to enter operating statement and report financial performance to the operation director; and, develop and manage budget in coordination with the managing director and coordinate yearly planning of operations processes and tracking implementation of program plans and expenditures against budgets.

  • organize fiscal documents; establish system for maintaining archival,

  • administrative, fund development and program files, website posting; post at least 14 days, no more than 30 days.

  • oversee long-term relationship management with school partners (teachers, administrators, etc.).

  • lead marketing and outreach/recruitment efforts to bring I-immersions programs and services to other partners and retain quality talent (internal)

  • identify new/maintain existing relationships with owners of schools and education providers; identify, develop, cultivate and maintain important

  • relationships with educators, school officials, managers/management teams for education programs, homeschool organizations, afterschool program associations/networks, learning centers, etc. To introduce, implement and provide new immersion programs and foreign language classes; and, to modify and adapt existing programs/classes to meet current standards and regulations.

  • develop and implement outreach to the Chinese community partners in the San Mateo County and surrounding areas.

  • provide guidance for the development of immersion language program proposals, including facilitation of planning and inception workshops in consultation with public school districts, city parks and recreations, private school network.


Minimum requirements: bachelor's degree public administration, business, management
Or a related field and 6 months of experience in the job offered or related management
Or supervisory occupation.

To apply:

  • Mail to: I-immersion, job #pm02; 969g Edgewater Blvd., PMB 118, Foster City, CA 94404

  • Email resumes to:

Online Teacher


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