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It takes more than a village to build an excellent immersion daycare

The i-Immersion Daycare program runs its own family daycare centers in San Mateo, collectively called “The Laboratory School”. We also maintain a directory of other daycares that shares our mission to teach language at their independently managed daycare sites.

Our Location

The Lab School has two campuses, both are family owned and licensed for up to 14 children per site.  Ms. Helen (warmly known as “Helen Ayi”, has been managing the school for more than 14 years.  We offer two convenient locations to serve you, one by the Los Prados Park on Bahia Street (Highway 92, 101, and 280) and a second by the San Mateo General Hospital on 39th Ave. (West Knolls neighborhood). both provide easy access from anywhere in San Mateo.  We care for children between the ages 3 months and 5 years, specializing in the immersion teaching method.

Our Education Approach

At the Lab School, we believe in providing each child with appropriate tools, equipment, and accommodations for enhancing their gross motor control, eye-hand coordination, speech/language development, socialization abilities, emotional development, and cognitive/intellectual skills.  We want to teach children how to make choices and decisions, find solutions, share, respect, and interact with others harmoniously, and understand who they are as vibrant caring human beings and future contributors to society.

Daily Activities

Children are offered the maximum number of hours at the Lab School to acquire a second language in a natural way.  They explore and discover their environment through touch, site, sound, work, and play.  Daily learning experiences include classroom centers of interest, outdoor expression, and freedom of creativity.  We also lead and suggest activities to enhance children’s ability to process new information.

Training Site

Our Lab School also trains child development students and para-educators in child development theory, immersion applications, while implementing national and state standards for quality infant, toddler, and preschool programs.