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“Don’t Blow It!”-What We Can Do in Education Budget Cut

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Educate Our State. This is a parent-led  state-wide campaign in support of high-quality, K-12 public education and to demand real, systemic change called “Don’t Blow It!” This campaign is raising attention and action towards Governor Brown’s January 2012 Education Budget Proposal. The current budget proposal depends on revenue generated from a not-yet-passed November initiative. California public schools can’t pay for teachers and programs with money they don’t have and might never get.  Parents demand that the legislature do their job and create a balanced budget with no cuts to education. Educate Our State is calling a few simple actions everyone of us can do for this campaign in the following link:

I picked a fun activity to involve my class’ students- blowing bubbles! I was very impressed that children that young at elementary school level were able to understand the budet cut issue and one of the older children (4th graders) explained the campaign clearly. Below is a picture I took of my students blowing bubbles in the yard of McKinley Elementary School. Let’s all take action to show what we can do in this budget cut!

Hot Word Of The Day:

  1. English:  Blowing Bubbles

  2. Mandarin: 吹泡泡 chuī pào pao

  3. Spanish:  burbujas

Read It. Say It. Immerse It.

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