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Good Habits and A New Chinese Poem

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This week we are learning the last chapter of the Better Chinese book series called 《我好棒》!(I am great!)We practiced these sentences for cultivating good habits in class and they have been really implemented them.

The Good habits List:

  1. 我会先举手,再说话。I will raise my hand before I talk.

  2. 老师,我可以去厕所吗?Can I go to the bathroom?

  3. 老师,我可以喝水吗?Can I drink some water?

  4. 我会排队。I will line up.

  5. 请不要插队。Please don’t jump the queue.

  6. 我会说对不起。I can say sorry.

  7. 我会说谢谢老师。I will say thank you to my teacher.

  8. 我会帮忙。I can help out.

  9. 我好棒!I am great!

Last week, we learned our first Chinese poem named 《静夜思》from 李白.  All the students are very excited to review it in the class.

This week, we started a new poem named 《咏鹅》(Hymn to the Goose) by 骆宾王(Luo Binwang) when he was seven years old.

  1. 咏鹅 [唐]骆宾王

  2. 鹅,鹅,鹅, Honk, honk, and honk,

  3. 曲项向天歌。 With upward neck thou to the sky loudly sing.

  4. 白毛浮绿水, Thy white feathers float on the water green,

  5. 红掌拨清波。 Thy red webs push the crystal waves with a swing.

  6. We also have the picture for them to learn and understand.

Read it. Say it. Immerse it. 

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