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Halloween Teaching Ideas for Infant Toddlers

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Looking for some hands-on ideas for your infants and toddlers to enjoy #Halloween at home or in the classroom? Download the Halloween Handprint handout, courtesy of i-Immersion!

#MimiDaycare in San Bruno turned the activity into a wonderful collaborative project and a colorful bulletin display!

More activities for the 1s and 2s:

Set Up Baby's First Halloween Photoshoot!

Create a garland or sign that says, “My First Halloween at (your daycare name)” and take photos of your infant students.

Sensory Bins

Happy Toddler Play Time has wonderful Halloween sensory bin ideas you can keep playing until end of November as an ongoing activity.

Tiny pumpkins and squash

Purchase several unvarnished decorative pumpkins and squash. Select pumpkins and squash that will make it possible for little ones to discover a variety of textures and colors. Deposit them in a basket and set it on the floor, in the centre of your play area. Let babies and toddlers manipulate the contents of the basket.

Feather-covered pumpkin

This is an interesting experiment for babies and toddlers. Deposit a large pumpkin (or several small ones) on the floor. Provide lots of colorful feathers. Let children manipulate them. Show them how they can deposit the feathers on the pumpkin(s) and help them notice how they easily fall off. After a few minutes, spray the pumpkin(s) with water (using a spray bottle). Encourage children to deposit the feathers on the pumpkin(s) once again. Children will be amazed to see how the feathers now stick to the pumpkin(s).

Halloween Handprint
Download PDF • 462KB

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