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Parent-Teacher Week and Learning Conjugations

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The past two weeks have been more adventures with conjugations! Woo-hoo conjugations- something that can easily become a boring grammar lesson become exciting and interesting to the mind our 1st and 2nd graders. Before the parent-teacher conference, I gently introduced conjugations for –ER verbs by incorporating the lesson into scavenger hunts and obstacle races in teams.

Like I had mentioned in the last blog, verbs in Spanish can be organized into 3 categories depending on their endings: -AR,-ER or –IR. For –ER verbs, the conjugations are as followed:

  1. Correr- to run

  2. Yo corro -o

  3. Tú corres -es

  4. Él corre -e

  5. Ella corre -e

  6. Usted corre -e

  7. Nosotros corremos -emos

  8. Nosotras corremos -emos

  9. Ellos corren -en

  10. Ellas corren -en

  11. Ustedes corren -en

For parent-teacher conference week, we were blessed with such wonderful weather that we played scavenger hunts outside, along with playing the card game, memory in the library.


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