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Turning Halloween Into "Falloween" In Your Early Learning Classroom

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Celebrating Halloween through dress-up parades and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood has been a long tradition at schools and local communities. While we recognize that Halloween is a fun traditional for many, it is not a holiday that is celebrated by everyone for various reasons. To make Halloween an inclusive learning experience, we have some events and activities for you to adopt in their early learning classroom. Many of these suggestions utilize readily available resources if you're on a budget (or have no budget!).

A Fall Picnic with Dress Code

Instead of a costume parade, host a fun picnic outdoors with black and orange color themes. If your classroom is not into dressing up, have students come in that day dressed in a particular dress code, such as orange and black pajamas or items with those colors. Offer fall-themed crackers (autumn leaves, green apples, pumpkin pies, etc.) or ask families to sign up for a pot-luck style picnic. This is also a great event for parent engagement if the picnic is open for family members to participate in. Recommended Resources:

  • Printable:

Fall Picnic Invitation
Download PDF • 223KB

Trick-or-treat Circle

During snack time or circle time, present healthy food choices in themed-colored bins, plates, or containers and have children pick from the selection. Pass out "Falloween" placemats for children and have them glue the types of food they'd like to have on their trick-or-treat plate. Have some fun coloring and decorating the placemats before you start your Trick-or-treat Circle! Recommended Resources:

  • Printable:

My Trick or Treat Placemat
Download PDF • 87KB

Costume Fashion Show

Turn the music on! Set up a runway and have children create a silly catwalk strutting their stylish outfit! For those who are not dressed up for the event, they may act as audience or fashion designers. Pre-activity: show pictures of a runway or fashion show. Play a small clip of what a fashion show looks like. Assign children their role in the fashion show based on what they come to school with (dressed up or in regular clothes). Recommended Resources:

  • Printable:

Halloween Characters
Download PDF • 855KB

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt

Turn the classroom into a pumpkin patch using print-outs and construction papers! Set up a spot to create your pumpkin patch or you can use the entire classroom for the scavenger hunt. Cut out different size pumpkins using color construction papers and place them on the floor, tables and chairs, and different parts where children can reach. For extra fun, you can stick some of the "enchanted pumpkins" that can fly like the bats! Recommended Resources:

  • Printable:

The Enchanted Pumpkins
Download PDF • 10.26MB

Other Halloween Party Ideas

Alice Kuo Mom, Teacher, Coach, Founder of i-Immersion Alice Kuo is the founder of i-Immersion, a language organization specializing in early care education and provider support in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alice has a bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a master's degree from Mills College. In her 15-year education management career, she has created programs of different sizes, from parent-and-me weekend classes to large-scale after school programs. She was also a program consultant for the Menlo-Atherton School District and a trainer for the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC). Always exploring creative ways to make early education more accessible in the communities, She integrates her own personal experience of running a family childcare home in her coaching practice for providers. When she's not working, she's with her husband, Harry, daughter Isabella, and, of course, the family cats, Noodles and Bubbles.

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