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Western Breakfast Vocabulary in Mandarin

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

This week we learned the western breakfast vocabulary:

  • 麦片 cereal

  • 松饼 muffin

  • 面包圈 bagel

  • 熏肉 bacon

  • 鸡蛋 eggs

  • 香肠 sausages

  • 面包 bread

  • 火腿 ham

  • 果酱 jam

  • 酸奶 yogurt

  • 乳酪 cheese

  • 牛奶 milk

  • 果汁 juice

  • 煎饼 pancakes

  • 水果 fruits

In a student-directed activity, they drew pictures of the food on the whiteboard and in their notebook, including the Chinese pinyin and words.

Afterwards, we learned new vocabulary words and made a plate of ”my breakfast” (我的早餐). We also make learned the five flavors that make up the plate:

  • 酸 sour

  • 甜 sweet

  • 苦 bitter

  • 辣 spicy

  • 咸 salty

Practice the new food vocabulary words with family members!!! Practice makes perfect!!!

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